Privacy Policy

CasinoBesty takes the security and protection of User’s Data seriously. Please find our privacy policy detailed below.

Please note that by signing up for our newsletter or other services, you grant CasinoBesty the permission to use your personal data.


CasinoBetsy collects the following types of data/Information.

  • Information provided by User while signing up or registering at CasinoBetsy (Name, Country, Address etc.)
  • Information submitted through surveys and competitions/tournaments
  • Correspondence between the User and teammates/fellow users at CasinoBetsy
  • Information collected through cookies


Cookies are data that are sent from the website and stored on the User’s hard drive. Please note that cookies are collected only if the User provides permission. Cookies are collected to enhance the User’s experience.

Types of Cookie data used:

  • Traffic Log: Identification of patterns and preference of User
  • Tracking Cookies: Cookies from third-party sources that the User is associated with
  • Authentication Cookies: Used for smoother log-in process and protection of User’s data

Access to User’s Information by Third-parties

At CasinoBesty, we ensure that User’s data/private information is secured and protected. We do not share User’s data with any third-party unless the User provides permission. There are a few exceptions to the above statement. The exceptions are listed below:

  • User information is shared with third-party companies under a confidentiality agreement.
  • Information will be provided in case of a court order requesting the User’s information
  • In case CasinoBesty merges with or is acquired by a buyer, then the User’s information will be transferred to the buyer. Please note that the User will be informed about any such occurrence.
  • In case the User unsubscribes from the newsletter, then the information provided by the User will be deleted from all sources, including third-party sources.

In case of any changes or updates to the privacy policy, the User will be notified by CasinoBesty.